Alumni Testimonials

Antoinette Alugbue

Undergrad: University of Notre Dame
Post Bacc Grad: 2017
Medical School: UC Davis School of Medicine

I gained so much experience during the post-bacc. I prefer to learn in small groups and the small classroom settings gave me a more personalized learning experience. I was able to ask questions and immediately get them answered. Professors were always available in person, and I benefited from it. All of my science professors repeatedly told my classes that if medical school was our goal, each one us will be able to get there.

I got a hands on research experience that allowed me to apply what I was learning in the classroom, not only in the laboratory, but in the community. It was through my research that I began to understand the causes of health disparities. I consider the faculty that I met during my research experiences to be lifelong mentors.

Joshua Anderson

Undergrad: University of Notre Dame
EPB Program Grad: 2018
Medical School: Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine

My time in the CDU Post Bacc Program was very rewarding. I enjoyed all of my classes and professors very much. There were many requirements for this program, making it very difficult and definitely a time crunch, however, I believe it better prepared me for medical school.

Veronica Gonzalez

Undergrad: University of California, Los Angeles
EPB Program Grad: 2018
Medical School: CDU/UCLA Medical Education Program

From my participation in this program, I realized that Charles R. Drew has a commitment to helping underserved communities, unmatched by other programs I’ve researched. During my time here, I’ve found a supportive faculty that is truly invested in the success of their students. The small class setting allowed me to fully grasp difficult concepts and get real-time feedback from my professors. During my undergraduate education, there was no premedical advisor that I could turn to for guidance. Having an advisor this time, I felt confident in the progress I was making and felt supported throughout the entire application process. Despite the competitive nature of the medical field, I developed a strong support network of driven peers within my cohort. From its mission to supportive staff, I strongly believe that this program has prepared me to become the physician I want to be—one who is attuned to the needs of their community.