Unrestricted and Operational

Unrestricted and Operational

The unrestricted fund is a vital resource that helps CDU maintain operational excellence while funding things like faculty and staff development, new academic programs and projects, information system and other technological improvements, remodeling, building renovation and modernizations as well as new construction, deferred maintenance and other initiatives and priorities not covered by tuition or fees. For example, general operating support will allow us to continue attracting and nurturing faculty members who understand the needs and goals of our students and who can also serve as mentors to encourage career exploration and student success. Strengthening our teacher-scholar community, information systems and facilities will expand our ability to teach hard skills that can meet the highest ideals of medicine and science training with a sharp focus on reducing health disparities.

About Unrestricted Funds

As a premier university of medicine and science, the only Historically Black institution of higher education on the West Coast, and a founding member of Hispanic Serving Health Professional Schools, CDU students must be on the frontlines of technological advances in health education to continuously build and meet the demands of an ever-changing and challenging healthcare environment. Unrestricted funding will allow the University to be more flexible and provide training, hardware, and other critical materials for our labs and simulation center. Investing in our infrastructure will enable us to have the greatest impact on our students and community.

Gifts to the unrestricted fund serve as reinforcement to students that CDU wants to foster a life-long relationship even as they pursue health professions to create a world and society that celebrates social justice and health equity.

Regardless of the amount, your investment will guarantee that CDU can transform health professions education as Charles R. Drew envisioned when he said,excellence of performance will transcend artificial barriers created by man.”