Student Success

Student Success

While nearly all institutions of higher education focus on student learning and enrichment, none have the CDU Advantage model. The CDU Advantage is our core curriculum, based on five pillars – research, social justice, international exposure, experiential education, and health policy – assuring our students and alumni have a true understanding of the challenges and opportunities of health care equity and how it impacts social justice.

About Student Success

As a student-focused academic institution with a strong social justice mission, CDU places the highest priority upon the needs and goals of our students. We are continually raising the bar to give them an even richer campus life experience. The expansion of undergraduate and graduate enrollment in our three schools and colleges, as well as our pipeline programs, have significantly increased our student population and requires us to further develop our infrastructure to ensure success at all levels. In fact, within the last four years, we have expanded our undergraduate and graduate enrollment by over 60%, a stunning growth at any institution of higher education.

With robust endowment resources, CDU will offer more support services designed specifically for academic success. Some of these services include on-site childcare, career advising, and personal counseling. The funding will also help cover various expenses such as specialized instructional equipment, enhanced technology, as well as transportation services. 

At CDU, over 90% of our students receive some form of financial aid and many require scholarships to cover expenses that federal financial aid does not. These scholarships are frequently the deciding factor on whether a student continues their education. Fortunately, CDU is here to help but needs your investment to widen its reach.

As an institution dedicated to eradicating inequities and expanding admission to health professions education, CDU can provide the resources necessary to ensure uninterrupted access to a high-quality education. Your investment in our scholarship endowment will allow us to provide these life changing opportunities to the tune of $1,000,000 or more a year.