Thomas R. Magee, Ph.D., is an accomplished molecular biologist and educator. He earned a B.A. in Microbiology from the University of Missouri-Columbia and a Ph.D. in Biology with a concentration in Molecular Biology from the University of New Mexico. Following his Ph.D., he completed postdoctoral training at the UCLA School of Medicine, Department of Biological Chemistry.

Currently, Dr. Magee is the Academic Senate President and an Associate Professor in the Department of Health and Life Sciences at Charles R. Drew University in Los Angeles, California. He has been a member of the university’s faculty since 2004.

Dr. Magee has a wide range of teaching experience, including courses in General Biology, Social Justice and Leadership, Human Embryology, Ethical Issues in Biomedicine, Evolutionary Medicine, Medical Genetics and Epigenetics, and Scientific Communication, among others. He has also served as a mentor to undergraduate and graduate students at CDU and LABioMed.

Research Interests

Dr. Magee’s research focuses on fetal growth restriction and impaired nephrogenesis, among other topics. He has authored many peer-reviewed articles and abstracts, and he has presented his work at numerous scientific meetings.