Distinguished scholar with an MS in Biochemistry and a PhD in Physiology from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is the Dean of the College of Science and Health and is an Associate Professor in the Department of Health and Life Sciences

Scholarly Activities

Dr. Ferrini is passionate about teaching and engages with undergraduate and postgraduate students. Her primary focus areas are Anatomy, Histology, and Physiology.

Research Interests

Dr. Ferrini, a renowned Neuroendocrinology and Urology researcher, has conducted extensive studies on the use of pharmacological interventions to treat nerve damage-induced erectile dysfunction resulting from aging or radical prostatectomy for prostate cancer. Moreover, her laboratory has been geared toward performing translational research that examines the efficacy of nutraceuticals that modulate nitric oxide production in preventing osteoporosis. In addition, she has been studying the role of plasminogen inhibitors (PAI-1) in developing endothelial dysfunction related to age-related erectile dysfunction.