Dr. Edward Adinkrah is a dedicated researcher with the College of Medicine at Charles R. Drew University (CDU) and serves as an Adjunct Faculty at the College of Nursing at CDU where he imparts knowledge and skills on statistical methodologies and evidence-based practices in the medical field. Dr. Adinkrah has been instrumental in driving initiatives that champion health equity, with a particular focus on working with minority populations, including older adults and individuals experiencing homelessness. Beyond his academic roles, he is a co-director (remotely) for a health facility in Ghana, Africa. Dr. Adinkrah’s commitment to community engagement is evident in his strong relationships with community and faith-based organizations, which he leverages to foster community-driven healthcare interventions. He also volunteers his time at a local community college, teaching introductory courses to health professions, and actively mentors healthcare professionals and students, guiding them through various research projects

Research Interests

  • Advancing medication adherence strategies for the underserved African American adults in urban settings.
  • Investigating the role of social determinants on the comprehensive health of middle-aged and older African Americans in urban locales.
  • Promoting community-based interventions and delving into implementation science projects, with a special emphasis on community-driven healthcare solutions for under-resourced communities.