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To guide the university in its allocation of endowment funds to support activities that maximize the university's efforts to substantially improve the health status of underserved communities through supporting biomedical and behavioral research and its translation into high-quality clinical outcomes, improved community health, and progressive health policy

Goals and Objectives

  1. To improve the translation of advancing technology into “real-world” setting by a commitment to the community-participatory partnered research paradigm.  (This approach encompasses the ecology of factors that influence health within a community that are of particular importance to ethnically diverse and socio-economically impoverished communities.)
  2. To establish a representative network of collaborative partnerships with community-based organizations and community-serving agencies (locally, nationally and internationally).
  3. To expand the academic capacity by developing a cadre of faculty researchers with expertise in community-participatory partnership research.
  4. To establish an academic appointment process for Community Faculty and create a standing committee, the Community Research Advisory Committee that will serve as community liaisons, provide input on proposed proposals, and IRB review.
  5. To create a Center of Excellence for Health Education and Research, capacity of community members, community-based organizations, and faculty by providing access to culturally and linguistically appropriate educational and training materials, presentations, community newsletter, and the like.  (This free-standing Center will be centrally located to afford the community with greater access to its resources and to serve as a site to be used for community meetings, work areas, etc.).
  6. To evolve into a Center of Community Engagement that reflects an institutional commitment to the community towards community-participatory partnership research.

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