The CDU Center for Biomedical Informatics, as an extension of its research and service activities, provides a number of resources to enhance the productivity and quality of scientific research and education at CDU. Principally these are software tools that assist researchers, administrators, and students in a variety of ways.


The Research Electronic Data Capture tool is a software application that allows easy creation of clinical research forms, surveys, and related data capture instruments with automatic coupling of data entry to a back-end database from which data can be downloaded for analysis.

CDU Profiles

Also serving as the de facto CDU faculty database, the Profiles software application allows researchers to identify scientific collaborators and teachers both locally at CDU and, through linkages to the UCLA CTSI and the RCMI Translational Research Network (RTRN), regionally and nationally.

Los Angeles Data Resource

The Los Angeles Data Resource (LADR, pronounced "ladder") is a partnership with the UCLA CTSI and other institutions that aims to create a distributed, de-identified database of operational clinical data covering all the residents of Los Angeles County. With appropriate authorization, LADR can be used, inter alia, to establish the existence of cohorts for preparation of research grant applications; conduct epidemiologic research; count subpopulations with meeting various criteria; and, through the participating partners and their health care providers, recruit subjects for clinical trials.