Program Residency Program

Our program is designed to provide an exemplary training experience that combines academics with exposure to varied clinical training experiences with expertise in public sector care. The program works hand in hand with the Los Angeles Department of Mental Health (DMH) to  serve a vibrant community that boasts a historically strong spirit of social activism and engagement. As the only training program centered in the South Los Angeles area, CDU provides unique access to an array of world class medical care and patient-centered opportunities.

CDU is entirely focused on the health sciences and is recognized as a national leader in training minority physicians. The Department of Education has designated CDU as a Historically Black College and University (HBCU), a Hispanic Serving Institution (HIS), and it is a charter member of the Hispanic-Serving Health Professions Schools, a national nonprofit dedicated to improving the health of Hispanic people through research initiatives, training opportunities, and academic development. Our diverse faculty is dedicated to teaching and research that are responsive to the unique needs of the communities that we serve. Residents graduating from our program will grow a tradition of providers who are expertly-equipped to serve as the healers, teachers, and innovators of tomorrow.

Our partner institutions are committed to providing health services in under-resourced areas that are disproportionately affected by socioeconomic disadvantage, urban trauma, and health disparities. Our program prepares trainees to form therapeutic alliances using tools ranging from culturally informed diagnostic assessments and traditional psychotherapy to state of the art psychopharmacological interventions. Residents are collaborative participants on multidisciplinary teams focused on helping individuals with mental and physical challenges using a recovery-oriented approach.

If you are seeking an exemplary education and training experience that prepares psychiatrists to provide the highest quality of evidence-based psychiatric medical care, our program is for you. If you seek a sense of community that cultivates the pursuit of excellence, our program is for you. If you are dedicated to addressing and meeting the needs of marginalized populations in public sector settings, our program is for you. If you have an enthusiasm for learning and research and seek an environment that encourages raising difficult problems and creating solutions, our program is for you.