Front pages Main Grant and Each Core-1-EducationMy Fellow Students,
I'll start by welcoming you to the new and improved Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science. This is an exciting time for the University as it is currently expanding in culture, curricula and student population. As we embark on this journey together, with a revised focus of becoming a more student-centered facility, I urge you to seize the moment and become an active component of our progression. CDU student government is beginning its second year of unified operations. Last year's vision involved us planting ourselves in new soil, as a collective entity, to establish our presence as a unified resource to students and respected partner with administration. This year's vision involves expansion of our roots to ensure a strong foundation for growth and development along with the University. Just as the University's mission is to create "diverse health professional leaders who are dedicated to social justice and health equity for the underserved…", our objective as student government officers is to step into our roles as leaders and assume our positions as ambassadors of change. The student government endeavors to facilitate an environment that is welcoming to its undergraduate population, resourceful to its graduate population and a model to its community. It is my deepest prayer that you'll find Student Government to be the resource we intend and that you are willing to share in yielding the torch for future years of success. Again I welcome you and wish you a productive year ahead.

Shenita Anderson
CDUSG President