Student Government PresidentHello Everyone,
I would like to Welcome you to Charles R. Drew University. A place that has risen from the ashes multiple times and was conceived due to the outcome of the Watts riots. This University is a standing symbol of the fight against injustice and the right to equal healthcare. It flows with diversity, perseverance, and the sentiment of multiple different students as well at staff.

At Drew, you are able to be yourself as well as be accepted and celebrated for your differences. You are able to express your opinions and validate your emotions through discussions, literature, research and hard work. You are surrounded by the most prestigious and educated individuals of our time today. The amount of exposure around student life everyday is limitless.

Drew is a place of love for healthcare with multiple branches all coming together as one. The Public Health Branch that leads the way of understanding the underlying issues and foundations, the BioMedical programs that pave the way for innovative research and the future of advanced healthcare, the Preventive care of Doctors that are resilient and here for their community and Physician’s Assistants that are well rounded and educated in so many different things. As well as the Nurturing Empathy of the Nurses. We also have the Rational Rad Tech department. All these programs help us learn and appreciate one another and the work that we do in Healthcare.

I believe that Social Justice and Cultural Competency is the backbone of a good healthcare system filled with people that truly understand how important it is to give back and contribute to one’s environment and society. Drew is a pot of gold hidden in the essence of South Los Angeles. Come visit us, and see for yourself what it is like to be in a place where the truth is accepted, and it is okay to be an educated social justice warrior.  

Sana Shaheer Abbasi
President of CDUSG
President of Break the Chains, A Social Justice Club