High School Students:

Medical Careers Program (MCP)

Medical Careers Program (MCP):

Program Director: Dolores Caffey-Fleming, MPH, MS

Program Description: MCP is a careers program at King Drew Medical Magnet High School (KDMMHS) that provides students the opportunity to gain experienced-based learning in hospital, clinics, research laboratories, and university facilities. At the CDU facility, students gain hands-on research experience by working alongside nationally and internationally known CDU Faculty. Students are exposed to careers in health care and given opportunities to explore the science and health care fields. This exposure motivates students to pursue higher education and eventually pursue careers in medicine and science.

Program Format:
Students are assigned to a CDU faculty mentor who will support guided research. Students will participate in various seminars and workshops including a Research Fundamentals workshop.

  • Eligibility: 11th grade students enrolled at King Drew Medical Magnet High School.
  • Program Duration: Year round
  • Key Outcomes: Students will develop an abstract and poster and present their research findings at the High School Student Research Symposium in May.
  • Application Process: ONLY applicable to KDMMHS students.

Application deadline is TBD.