Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Science | Advanced Program

Radiologic Science Program

The 38-unit Bachelor of Science degree curriculum in radiologic science is a 4-semester advanced program designed for the professional development of registered radiologic technologists at the entry level or working technologist level.

Mission Statement/Objective

  • The BSRS program is designed to enhance the knowledge of the entry-level technologist to the professional level by further development of the foundation of the radiologic educational experience.
  • The program expands the curriculum areas of: critical thinking, human diversity and development, research, advanced imaging modalities, and communication skills developing diverse health professional leaders dedicated to the CDU Mission, Vision Statement and Values.
  • The program’s main objective is to provide an educational opportunity for certified students who have graduated from accredited programs with certificates and are certified to practice and to provide career mobility and educational articulation for these students.
  • The Computed Tomography option’s student learning outcome is to recognize, identify and describe cross section pathology of the various imaging techniques commonly seen in computed tomography.
  • The Computed Tomography option also allows students to collaborate with nurses, physicians, patients and new technology to provide quality care.

BSRS Master Curriculum

BSRS with Computed Tomography Certificate Master Curriculum


Statement of Non-Discrimination

Clinical Affiliates