Congratulations Graduates

Messages from University Administration

What a time to graduate! 2020 has brought on conditions that are not ideal but remember that the success is still yours, the triumph is still as sweet, and that chapter is still complete. Be proud of all the things you have overcome to be here today, graduating from Charles R. Drew University. Relish in your accomplishment and be loud about it. No matter what level of education you are completing it is no small feat. Being a student at CDU, I know you have worked hard for your degree and you deserve it! If this is your terminal degree congratulations and good luck on your future careers. If this is the beginning or middle of your journey, congratulations on making it this far, you should have the utmost confidence that you will achieve all that you have planned. Take what you have learned over the past few years and use it, apply it to life, and leave the world better than you found it.

Lewis Williams
President, Charles Drew Student University Student Government -2019/2020
Bachelor of Science, Biomedical Sciences

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