Medical School Curriculum

The Charles R. Drew University College of Medicine Medical Education Program (CDU/UCLA Medical Education Program) reports to the CDU College of Medicine Educational Policy and Curriculum Committee (EPPC) and the UCLA Medical Education Committee (MEC). Key personnel including Medical School Clerkship Directors, Faculty, Medical School Deans and unit heads, and CDU/UCLA medical students serve on the committee. Representatives from the EPPC serve on the MEC to assure that all LCME and program standards are met, that the programs are synchronized and that CDU/UCLA Medical Education Program specific goals (such as the thesis program, health equity, interprofessional training including simulation scenarios) are accomplished.

This academic year, the EPCC continued its program review with special emphasis on the upcoming UCLA -LCME review in 2021. EPCC reviewed and members participated in the UCLA Medical School Curriculum redesign project. Additionally, EPCC following the recommendation from the California Future Workforce Commission Report- began to review what a four year independent medical education program would comprise in addition to the ongoing CDU/UCLA Medical Education Program.

The EPCC reviewed curriculum models from 10+ new and current medical schools (including those reviewed by the UCLA curriculum redesign project), established key curricular themes tied to the CDU medical school, reviewed building designs for new medical schools, and created a curriculum model for a four year CDU Medical Education program. Below is an example of themes and topics discussed this past year.

CDU 4 Year Medical Program Planning