Accreditation is one of the processes of quality assurance in education. The Liaison Committee of Medical Education (LCME)  accreditation process has two general and related aims: to promote institutional self-evaluation and improvement and to determine whether a medical education program meets prescribed standards.
In the process of conducting its self-study, a developing medical school brings together representatives of the administration, faculty, and other constituencies to: (1) collect and review data about the current institution and its planned educational program, (2) identify both institutional strengths and challenges that require attention, and (3) define strategies to ensure that the strengths are leveraged and any challenges have a plan of action to address effectively.

The institutional self-study (ISS) is an evaluative review period during which the institution analyzes the data findings presented by key stakeholders that contribute to and support the medical education program. A steering committee and subcommittees dedicated to the major LCME categories (institutional setting, faculty, resources, curriculum, and students) convene to critically evaluate the current institution and proposed Medical School planning efforts.

The LCME evaluates five major themes to assess the quality of a medical school's educational program: the institutional setting, the breadth of available resources, topics related to faculty affairs, the students and their overall academic experience, and the full MD curriculum.(LCME Website)

The planning process for an independent medical education program requires the time and effort of administrators, faculty members, and others associated with the medical education program, its clinical affiliates, and, if relevant, its parent university.

CDU is currently engaging the newly created LCME sub-committees, whom are the anchors throughout the process, on the DCI.

1 The Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME), established in 1942, is the body responsible for the accreditation of medical schools in the United States.