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Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science Alumni Association

The CDU Alumni Association (CDUAA) seeks to maintain, foster and expand the unique and special relationship that exists between the University and alumni through facilitating professional development for alumni and other initiatives that advance the goals of the University.

The moment you graduate from CDU, you are joined in the ranks of more than 4,000 illustrious alumni from College of Medicine, College of Science and Health, School of Nursing and MLK residency program that embody CDU’s alumni network. CDUAA strives to connect alumni locally, nationally and internationally as a united assembly of healthcare professionals committed to service.

The purpose of the CDU Alumni Association is:

  • To acquire and disseminate information about CDU and CDU alumni;
  • To provide a network vehicle between CDU alumni;
  • To provide educational opportunities for continuing education;
  • To provide a vehicle for supporting, promoting, and advancing the activities of CDU alumni and current students;
  • To raise funds to support the above initiatives, scholarships and education at CDU.


Alumni Spotlight

Raniyah Copeland

President and CEO, The Black Aids Institute
Master of Public Health Program, 2011

Why did you choose to study at CDU?

“After being at UC Berkeley, which was a predominately white institution and studying public health, I wanted to study this field with people of color and CDU was the best option for that.”

How has CDU helped your career?

“CDU has allowed me to use real world applications and theories in my current work.  My professors were very knowledgeable on challenges and opportunities that come with working with people of color.  CDU has led me to vast community resources. My professors were important mentors, especially Dr. Nina Harawa, who was my thesis advisor.”

As the new President and CEO of the Black Aids Institute, what are the new initiative /plans you have for the organization?

“My vision for the Black AIDS Institute of tomorrow is an organization that is deeply entrenched in the community, providing services at all points of the care continuum along with a well-respected research, policy, mobilization, and capacity building portfolio that is uniquely and unapologetically Black.  On the horizon are innovative programming targeting Black women including a Black women and PREP campaign (launched last year) that highlights the utilization of this and new biomedical interventions; and Black women ambassadors.  Also, the organization will focus more on intersectional issues such as race, homophobia, and poverty, so folks may be able to access new tools, and reduce barriers to utilization of new tools.”

What advice do you have for current CDU students?

“My advice to current CDU students is to figure out what   makes you passionate and find supporters and mentors to guide you through your career path, and find opportunities to practice your skills.”

What is your favorite mantra/quote to live by?

“There’s a quote by Angela Davis, ‘If they take you in the morning, they will be coming for us that night’ which speaks to how our fates are intertwined and how we have to advocate for one another.”