The Financial Aid Office at Charles Drew University is here to assist you in meeting your education costs. In addition to federal financial aid, all students should look into applying for CDU and external scholarships. Scholarships are a great way to minimize your educational loan debt or help meet the expenses your federal financial aid does not cover. Below are helpful links to get you started on your scholarship search. There are also many organizations that sponsor scholarships, such as corporations, civic organizations, state, medical organizations, and other groups that may not be listed here. It does take time to research and apply for scholarships; however, that time can be beneficial to you. If you need assistance in applying for any scholarship, please stop by the Financial Aid Office or contact us at (323) 563-4824 or

Please keep in mind that all scholarships received MUST be reported to the Financial Aid Office and will be included as part of your financial aid package. Federal regulations require scholarships to be used in determining your eligibility for federal financial aid. In some cases, scholarships may reduce the amount you qualify for in need based financial aid, such as the Subsidized Stafford Loan.

External Scholarship Opportunities

Please visit the following sites to review scholarship opportunities across the nation. Many of these sites provide opportunities for students to complete a profile to have scholarships sent to them periodically throughout the year.

Scholarships Accepting Applications

Deadline in August

Deadline in September

Deadline in October

Deadline in November