The Financial Aid Office at Charles Drew University is here to assist you in meeting your education costs. In addition to federal financial aid, all students should look into applying for CDU and external scholarships. Scholarships are a great way to minimize your educational loan debt or to help meet the expenses that your federal financial aid does not cover. Below are helpful links to get you started on your scholarship search. There are also many organizations that sponsor scholarships, such as corporations, civic organizations, state, medical organizations and other groups that may not be listed here. It does take time to research and apply for scholarships; however, that time can be beneficial to you. If you need assistance in applying for any scholarship, please stop by the Financial Aid Office or contact us at (323) 563-4824 or

Please keep in mind that all scholarships received MUST be reported to the Financial Aid Office and will be included as part of your financial aid package. Federal regulations require scholarships to be used in determining your eligibility for federal financial aid. In some cases, scholarships may reduce the amount you qualify for in need based financial aid, such as the Subsidized Stafford Loan.

Student Scholarship Application Submission Process:

Students enrolled in a certificate or degree program for at least 6 semester units are eligible for scholarship submission. CDU new and continuing students are eligible to apply for CDU internal and external scholarships by completing the online application. The CDU scholarship committee requires this application and all supporting documents to be considered eligible for scholarship review. Continuing students must also submit the online scholarship application each application period as scholarships are not renewable unless otherwise stated.

  • The scholarship application is to be completed online no later than midnight on September 24, 2021. Review of applications will begin at the end of July. Scholarship notifications will begin mid-August. 
  • Once you have completed the requested supplemental documents (i.e. resume, personal statement, photo/headshot), you may submit your application through the following link.

CDU Scholarship Application for Fall 2021

Scholarship Selection Process

The Institutional Scholarship Committee and College Scholarship Committee reviews student scholarship application each semester and select students who meet the requirements set by each scholarships donor. Eligibility may include but is not limited to the following categories:

  • Work and Volunteer Experience
  • Academic Merit or Potential
  • Residency status
  • Financial Need
  • Life Challenges

Scholarship Application Tips:

A Scholarship application will require a current resume which will be reviewed as sensibly as your application. Even if you haven’t obtained a lot of work or volunteer experience, we still encourage you to apply. Also, please be prepared to write a “Thank You” letter should you be the recipient of any particular scholarship.

  • Plan Ahead: give yourself enough time to complete the scholarship application and all supplemental documentation prior to the deadline
  • Read the scholarship application and eligibility requirements of each scholarship thoroughly prior to submission
  • Utilize Support Services: submit your Personal Statement and Resume to the Office of Student Affairs for writing support services. Documents can be submitted to
  • Show your strengths and explain your weaknesses: highlight your academic performance and community service activities. Explain any areas that may not be considered your most successful moment
  • Be clear and concise: your scholarship personal statement should be different from the personal statement you may have been required to write for admission
  • Submit your application and photo: by the published deadline
  • Ask for Help: if you have any questions, contact the office of Financial Aid at

CV or Resume Tips:

  • Resume should be clear, concise and consistent
  • Use one single, readable font
  • Use consistent formatting
  • Name, Education, Work Experience, Volunteer Experience, Honors and Achievements, Community Services should be clear and visible
  • Email address should be listed but not hyperlinked
  • Use well-known abbreviations only
  • Dates should be in reverse chronological order
  • Start descriptions with action verbs

Personal Statement Writing Tips:

The essay will carry out the most weight in your application review. The essay should be 1 page, double or single spaced.

Essay Prompt:

  • Describe your personal connection to the CDU mission. Your current degree, as it applies to your overall career goals…
  • Describe your short-term and long-term professional goals.
  • Describe your past experience and/or your upbringing that sparked your passion for science and/or a health career
  • Describe Something unique that sets you apart from other applicants--i.e. leadership roles, conducting research, family or community upbringing
  • What if any difficulties did you overcome to get to college?
  • What are your areas of strength in Community Service, Leadership, Scholarship, and Research? And how long did you spend doing these activities

Essay Layout:

Section 1:

  • Introduce yourself, program of study, and list and accomplishments thus far academically, professional, or within your community

Section 2:

  • Describe your aspirations and things you have yet to accomplish at CDU and or as result of obtaining your degree at CDU

Section 3:

  • Describe any areas of financial or family hardship and how the receipt of this scholarship could assist you in these areas. Also include how the scholarship can help you achieve your goals and aspirations at CDU.​​​​​​​

External Scholarship Opportunities

Please visit the following sites to review scholarship opportunities across the nation. Many of these sites provide opportunities for students to complete a profile to have scholarships sent to them periodically throughout the year.