Frequently Asked Questions

I have an admissions question.
To see Frequently Asked Questions regarding our admissions process, please visit our Frequently Asked Admissions Questions page.


I recently applied to the PA program at CDU and was not offered acceptance. What can I do to improve my application for the next cycle?
We encourage reapplicants to review all components of their CASPA application. For specific guidance please review the following reapplicant document.

Curriculum and Program

What are clinical rotations and how many hours a week are required at each rotation?
Clinical rotations are supervised clinical practice experiences under the supervision of a preceptor who is responsible for student training over a four-week time period. While some rotations have a 40-hour work week, the time required could be higher. The student is also expected to do additional studying after hours to meet the expectations of the rotations and the program.

What disciplines are covered in clinical rotations?
The ‘core’ clinical rotations will be covered in seven, four-week rotations: family medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, behavioral medicine, surgery and emergency medicine. You will also have two four-week elective rotations.

Can I work while I am taking courses and doing the clinical rotations?
Due to the labor and time intensive nature of the Charles R. Drew University Physician Assistant Program, students are discouraged from working while enrolled in the Program. Please refer to the program work policy on the program website at:

Is CDU on the semester or quarter system?
CDU is on the semester system. Our semesters are approximately 15 weeks in length.

International Students

I have a BS in Biology and a BA in French from a university outside the United States. How do I go about getting all transcripts evaluated and verified?
We have a number of approved agencies listed on the website which will evaluate your transcripts

How are prerequisites evaluated for international students?
The same evaluation process for transcripts applies to prerequisites unless taken at a regionally accredited institution in the U.S. Please refer to this page and the bullet “Transcripts” for more details.