Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship

Children are a reflection and innocent recipients of structural inequities in our society. Through advocacy and compassionate care, we hope to reduce the impact of mental illness in children, improve the systems that serve them, and promote well-being and resilience in their communities.

The mission of the child and adolescent psychiatry fellowship program at Charles R. Drew University College of Medicine and Science (CDU) is to train physicians to lead with their humanity and to develop the clinical acumen to provide excellent clinical care to under-resourced communities. Using innovative and evidence-based approaches, we train child and adolescent psychiatrists to evaluate children and families in the context of the communities to which they belong.  Understanding the impact of racial and structural disparities, historical and present-day trauma, as well as the resilience and strength of the people of South Los Angeles, CDU fellows have a strong commitment to progressing the field of child and adolescent psychiatry and are dedicated to social justice producing lasting and positive change.

This new fellowship is currently being developed by Drs. Shervington, Woods, and Ravindran. As Training Director, Dr. Amy Woods will lay the foundation for a training program that will serve the South Los Angeles area.  Having a training program embedded into the community will allow for trainees to develop the unique skills necessary to provide the care needed by the communities in which they work.  Fellowship training is not only a place to develop excellent clinical skills but should also be a place to develop skills in areas such as teaching, leadership, social justice, advocacy, and scholarship.  She will ensure that the mission of the program is being modeled by all faculty, to educate trainees that will continue to carry on that mission as physicians within the communities to which they choose to serve.