Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship

We are thrilled at CDU to have been given the greenlight to develop this important fellowship. While speaking publicly of mental health is becoming more frequent, normalized and appropriately prioritized across the country, we simultaneously are experiencing a shortage of qualified health professionals to tend to the needs of those seeking intervention. Unfortunately, at the bottom of the list of those who face considerable struggles in gaining access to appropriate resources are our children and adolescents in marginalized communities.

As one of many efforts towards changing this adverse trajectory, the State of California has backed CDU’s expansion of its mission to close resource gaps by becoming a grant partner in our efforts to create an exemplary Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship (CAP). Currently in the preliminary planning and building phases, we are encouraged and resolved that CDU can and will again make an impact in another important health area for underserved groups.

Our CAP program will support the study and establishment of mental health workers who are able to appropriately evaluate environmental, family, system and lack of opportunity factors that frequently land our children with incorrect labels (autistic, ADHD, undisciplined, poor learners) and in growth stunting systems (juvenile centers, remedial tracts)—when they are in reality simply crying out for help. Our program will support the passion and interest of our fellows in seeing their community serving ideas and goals come to fruition. And our program will school our students on how to apply empirical evidence when available and when and how to question its shortcomings when they exclude factors pertinent to our communities.

We look forward to serving this most worthy group of neglected and unheard voices.