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Many of our students come to Charles R. Drew University with a specific career in mind, and it is our goal to make sure that your career comes into fruition. Here are resources to make sure you get your foot in the door and start your journey with the like-minded mission of Charles R. Drew University in helping our community.

What is an Internship? Why should I get one?

An internship is a position where students can work in an organization to gain experience in the field they are studying and potentially fulfill the requirements of their degree. Internships typically last up to 8-16 weeks and is an excellent way to between understand one's career exploration and gain practical experience to assist them in their job search after they graduate.  In many instances, internships can be paid or received credit. Depending on your degree and your career goals, research opportunities are also a great alternative way to go about gaining experience.

Why Research?

If you are beginning your bachelor's program or in a master’s program and research is of interest you, check out the opportunities that are available to see if this is where you passion lies or to start making headway and connections with people in your industry. Research is a great way to contribute to society and impact the world on a more significant level. There are many different types of research opportunities, and it is essential to find the best one that fits you.
Below are opportunities for internships, research, and job opportunities.


Volunteer Opportunities in the Community
There are many great organizations in the Los Angeles community, and it is vital to bring the passion, the dedication, and opportunity to others in the area. If you are seeking volunteer opportunities, check out the foundations below to see if one of these fit your personality and passions.

  • Create the Good The best thing for someone in assisted living is sharing quality time. Reach out to Create the Good and find a senior in your neighborhood and build a relationship with someone new.
  • Just Do Good The Compton Initiative is a non-profit organization committed to restoring the City of Compton by painting homes, schools, and churches.
  • Los Angeles Garden Council Interested in helping people grow and maintain community gardens? Check out the different garden locations to help out today.
  • Los Angeles Public Library The Los Angeles Public Library has variety of volunteer opportunities such as adult book discussion leader, library Program Aide, Special Projects Aide.
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Community HospitalLooking to volunteer in a hospital setting after or before class? See how you can volunteer for Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital.
  • Neighborhood Housing Services of Los Angeles County NHS is working to improve the quality of life for low to moderate income families and revitalize communities into neighborhoods.
  • SURFRIDER Foundation Help keep California Coast beautiful, volunteer for a beach cleanup in your area.

Still can’t find the best fit for you? Check out Volunteer Match to find a volunteer opportunity near you.