Student Health Insurance

Students are automatically enrolled in the University’s Student health insurance plan if they meet the following criteria:

  • Undergraduate student taking TWELVE (12) or more units.
  • Graduate student taking NINE (9) or more units.

A student cannot attempt to waive after the deadline, and will be charged for the University’s insurance policy regardless if the student already has insurance or not.

The University is not responsible for additional fees for students that forget to waive, regardless if they have insurance or not.

The premium for coverage is automatically charged to students’ semesterly tuition unless the student completes the waiver process on the University’s insurance provider’s website before the deadline. Proof of comparable coverage must be provided when the student is attempting to waive.

Coverage Dates
The coverage period for the 2019-2020academic year is as follows:

You will only be required to waive ONCE per academic year, which is the first semester in which a student begins taking full-time courses at CDU.

A waiver must be submitted at the beginning of the first semester and/or fall semester you attend CDU. Once a waiver is submitted for the policy year, you will not need to waive again until the next academic year.

If you wish to waive, you will need your current health insurance ID card to do so. When you have successfully entered all data, make sure to submit. If you are an international student, you cannot waive coverage unless you are currently enrolled in a fully Affordable Care Act-compliant insurance plan through a US-based insurance company.

To enroll in or waive the Student Health Insurance Plan for the 2019-2020 policy year:

  1. Log on to ''
  2. Click on 'Student Enroll/Waive'
  3. Create or log on with your student ID
  4. Click on 'I want to Enroll/Waive'

Student Health Insurance Fee

Graduate Student Fee (9 or more units) $2730
Undergraduate Student Fee (12 or more units) $2056

(If a student does not submit the waiver before the semester deadline, these fees will be applied to the student’s tuition account regardless of whether or not they have insurance. The University is not responsible for additional fees incurred by students that do not submit the waiver.)


For a complete description of the benefits available, limitations and exclusions, and FAQs please visit

For questions about the waiver/enrollment application submission process, please contact