BSN Curriculum

Curriculum:The Bachelor of Science in Nursing -Prelicensure Track (Prelicensure BSN) is completed through full-time study in preceptored clinical settings. The following course sequence is required for this curriculum of study. This foundational level of this program centers on general education courses that will provide introductory knowledge on the physiological, psychosocial, environmental, and political factors that affect the health of individuals and communities.  Nursing courses, recognized as upper-level undergraduate courses, will prepare BSN students as nurse generalists who can provide holistic nursing care to various populations in complex environments.

Pre-Nursing Intent
The following course sequence is required for this curriculum of study. Students with no prior baccalaureate degree will be accepted to CDU as a Pre-Nursing” Intent Phase, which will offer students the opportunity to complete general education requirements, including science and laboratory courses that are required by the BSN degree program. After the satisfactory completion of the pre-nursing major courses, students will be evaluated and requested to apply for the nursing major courses.

Nursing Intent
MMDSON requires completion of a supplemental application to allow potential students the opportunity to apply for the “Nursing Intent Phase” either following completion of the GE requirements at CDU or as a transfer student.  Applicants for the nursing major must have completed general education requirements at the school where currently enrolled (CDU) or previously enrolled and the equivalent of all of the non-nursing preparation for the major courses. Applicants who apply for the BSN Nursing major will be expected to transfer up to 49 units that will consist of general education courses (aligned with Pre-Nursing major courses), including four major science courses (Chemistry w/Lab, Anatomy w/Lab, Physiology w/Lab, and Microbiology w/Lab) . Accepted students into BSN Nursing major will complete nursing degree requirements at CDU, starting with Year 2, Semester 2 (see list of the required courses below).

Through a series of designed learning activities, students are able to learn how to care for patients and their families within a supportive environment that promotes the spirit of inquiry and application of research to nursing practice. This program provides coursework in nursing research, issues/theory, community health and a final clinical immersion experience in a preceptored course where students can further develop the professional RN role through patient care experiences at the point of care, delegation, prioritization of care, interdisciplinary communication, and team management. Students are eligible to sit for the NCLEX-RN licensing exam after completion of the Prelicensure BSN program.

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