BSN Program Objectives

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

  1. Demonstrate a commitment to a lifelong learning plan for professional development.
  2. Demonstrate cultural and spiritual competencies in providing care and working with other health care professional from diverse cultures and spiritual backgrounds.
  3. Demonstrate ethical and professional nursing roles, values, social justice and human dignity.
  4. Demonstrate knowledge of current nursing trends to form interdisciplinary collaborative relationship that improve professional nursing practice and the quality of healthcare within local and global communities.
  5. Design competent, patient centered professional nursing care for individuals, families and populations across the health continuum in a variety of community-based settings and institutions, emphasizing patient safely and quality.
  6. Implement elements of health promotion and disease prevention in planning and providing care for individuals, families and populations.
  7. Implement leadership strategies that support and promote professional nursing practice.
  8. Integrate effective communication, informatics, and information literacy skills for professional nursing practice.
  9. Integrate use of political regulatory processes to impact health care systems, clinical practice and quality improvement policies.
  10. Use evidence-based practice and research findings in provision of professional nursing practice.