What is student research at CDU?

  • At CDU, student research is a unique opportunity that involves students working either independently or in teams under the mentorship and supervision of a Faculty Mentor.
  • Research is important for students and professionals. It adds to the body of knowledge and propels medicine and science forward.
  • Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science offers many opportunities to conduct research in many subjects. However, a student must assess his or/her own personal goals and what kind of research one wishes to pursue.
  • The keys to having a successful research project is to build a respectful relationship with your research faculty, being persistent, and working extremely hard.

Benefits of participating in student research @ CDU

  • Students develop analytical, innovative and creative skills
  • Students gain knowledge on research terminology and processes
  • Students gain confidence in conducting research
  • Students become more independent
  • Students work closely with CDU distinguished Faculty
  • Students improve their written, oral and communication skills
  • Students gain hands-on research experience
  • Students build teamwork skills
  • Students increase professional network
  • Students gain professional skills to prepare them for further education and future careers

How do I get involved in student research?

There are various ways for students to get involved in conducting research @ CDU. Remember to start early, explore opportunities, and finally apply to the opportunity that matches your interests and goals.

Contacting Faculty at CDU

If you have a specific professor or organization in mind not actively offering an opportunity, a well written email expressing interest in their work is suggested. Include any experience and capabilities you may have to contribute

Resources outside CDU