The Health Services Research and Policy Pillar aims to analyze, share, and develop policies that are consistent with the Charles R. Drew University mission especially those promoting health equity and social justice. The pillar functions to support these and the broader “CDU Advantage” aims and is the precursor to a Health Services Research and Policy Center at CDU that will examine how the plans, decisions, and actions affecting health care delivery impact the health of communities. Additionally, the Pillar serves as a bridge across other Institute Pillars, CDU Colleges, and external partners to support the integration of health and wellness.

Our mission is to strengthen the design, implementation, testing of interventions, and policies to promote equal access to quality health care and to reduce health disparities.

Be a leader in health services research and health policy through analyses, education, advocacy, and action with the goal of reducing health disparities and elevating community healthcare access and quality.

Current Objectives

  • Describe and develop a shared understanding of physician and allied health workforce needs in South Los Angeles with community and clinical stakeholders
  • Describe and develop a shared understanding of the connections between social determinants and policies and their influence on the health and well-being of diverse populations
  • Utilize the CDU Geographic Information Systems Lab to describe and analyze the role of location, place, and spatial relationships in influencing health and wellness of diverse populations    
  • Research local, state, and national health systems operations and how they impact the health of diverse populations
  • Understand how policy and law interact to affect specific population's health and wellness
  • Translate research into the generation of knowledge through dissemination efforts including publications, presentations, and media based approaches

Current Policy Pillar Participants Include: