Division of Cancer Research and Training - ICTBD

The Integrated Clinical and Tissue Biomarker Database Program (ICTBD) Core at CDU has been a cornerstone to provide this much needed hub of resources for over 15 years. Briefly, the ICTBD has collected tissue specimens that include: breast, colorectal, normal and cancer tissue; fresh-frozen tissues; blood; DNA/RNA; bone marrow aspirates; and primary cell lines established from the fresh breast and bone marrow samples. ICTBD has matching detailed clinically annotated information for each participant, with over 60 variables with details ranging from personal history, clinicopathology, to 5-10 year outcomes. In addition the ICTBD has a collection of ATCC cell lines and has developed models for studying cancer cell biology, cancer stem cells, and in vivo models of cancer growth. The ICTBD can provide critical support to the research and training in cancer health disparities through support of Projects, training opportunities to utilize clinical samples and cell models for students, trainees, and early stage investigators, and support new developmental projects in the pipeline. The ICTBD Core also has been focused on identification of novel biomarkers for assessing risk of incidence and progression of cancers that may be unique to ethnic groups and/or subtypes of cancers with poor outcomes. We are continually enhancing our current database and preparing for implementation of Precision Medicine in near future.

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