Division of Cancer Research and Training

Division of Cancer Research and Training

Breast Cancer Research Training Program

CDU and UCLA have established a partnership breast cancer research training program to enable promising CDU faculty and postdoctoral fellows to obtain the necessary experience and training needed for independent funding. This will be achieved primarily through mentoring, training, and sharing of resources, as well as through an innovative research project that will provide CDU researchers a particular focus and the preliminary data needed for future breast cancer research. The plan for developing this training program is to:

  1. Identify established UCLA researchers conducting innovative breast cancer research
  2. Within this pool of researchers, identify research projects with the best potential to provide experiences for CDU investigators to create their own focus and compete for independent funding
  3. Develop mentor/trainee relationships that will not only transfer knowledge from UCLA and CDU senior scientists to CDU trainees, but also offer career development and research opportunities
  4. Create or establish access to workshops, seminars, meetings, journal clubs, and coursework geared toward developing CDU trainees
  5. Conduct a specialized cancer research project which will incite future breast cancer research at CDU.

The objectives include:

  1. Create an educational experience and mentored research environment that fosters breast cancer research and offers substantive training to CDU (HBCU/MI) faculty and postdoctoral fellows.
    1. Create a trainee/mentor relationship between CDU faculty and fellows and UCLA researchers whereby CDU trainees will learn research techniques, concepts, and theories, which will be applied to their own independent research projects.
    2. Implement an extensive program that focuses on transferring knowledge to CDU faculty regarding biology, etiology, prevention, detection, diagnosis, and treatment of breast cancer.
  2. Make available UCLA-JCCC and CDU shared resources through which collaborative projects between CDU and UCLA will be supported, thereby strengthening the training and mentoring experience for HBCU/MI faculty and fellows.
  3. Conduct a substantive research that will focus on cell and molecular biology, detection, diagnosis, etiology, and treatment of HER-2/neu expressing breast tumors in minority and underserved women, which will lead to sustained training, education, publications, and competitive funding for CDU.