Research Administration

Research Administration

Statistics, Facts, and Major Achievements

Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science performs high quality research that focuses on key health disparities issues. The University has had tremendous growth in research along with an increase in its annual research funding. Charles R. Drew University now ranks in the top 50 Private Research Universities as rated by the Center for Measuring University Performance. NSF analysis (Figure 1) reported US scientific publishing was flat from 1992-2001 despite increased research funding.

Charles R. Drew University was the #1 institution in the country in publication growth from 1992-2001 among the top 200 institutions by level of NIH funding, with a 127% increase (the U.S. average is <1%). Since 2011, the top American research universities are defined as those with at least $40 million in annual federal research expenditures, and tend to sustain high levels of performance and maintain their relative position within the marketplace over time (The Top American Research Universities, 2011). CDU has earned the honor of being in this group.

Furthermore, among the the group of HBCU’s and Minority instututions across the US, CDU is the leading minority serving institution with the most federal funding. CDU is the only HBCU/Minority serving institution listed as under top universities with over $40M in federal funding. In 2009, CDU ranked 146 among all Universities with federal funds over $40 million per year. Currently CDU boast over $57 million in federal fundiing. The current endowment assets from research is over $70 million.

Among all institutions with more than $40 million in federal research, CDU showed a 30.8% increase in constant dollars from 2000 to 2009. In this regard, CDU has performed better than many larger instutions including several top rated private and public institutions.

The Charles R. Drew University Research Enterprise is dedicated to closing the gap on health care disparities among underserved and ethnic minority populations and so much more. The important work done by our researchers brings attention to health issues and diseases that disproportionately affect minorities and the poor. Diabetes, hypertension, cancer, reproductive health, chronic kidney disease, neuropsychiatric disorders and HIV/AIDS are just a few of the areas where Charles R. Drew University researchers, faculty and staff members make a difference. Our nationally and internationally renowned researchers are breaking new ground, integrating research advances into the basic sciences and setting new standards in healthcare disparities research for underserved communities.

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