Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science was featured on FOX SOUL, a new live and interactive streaming channel dedicated to African American viewers. The network’s “Black Report” show ran a story that highlighted CDU’s recent successes including the launch of the independent four-year medical program and the future campus expansion of a Health Professions Education Building. The story also praised CDU for their commitment to serving historically underserved, under-resourced, and underrepresented communities.

"I really want to salute the folks over at Charles Drew University, because, you know, we all remember the darkest days of the pandemic, and we understood very clearly that 'message' and 'messenger' matters," said Nii-Quartelai Quartey, News Anchor, Fox Soul's Black Report. "When our community heard from black doctors and black nurses and got the information that they needed, they were more inclined to trust the vaccine, they were more inclined to do all the things to keep themselves and their families safe."

You can watch the whole story on the University's YouTube channel here.