Friday, August 6, 2010 Web Exclusive Dr. Keith Norris, M.D. "Our Medicine, Our Science"
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"Our Medicine, Our Science"
Dr. Keith Norris, M.D., Interim President of the Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science spoke exclusively with ReelUrbanNews.comabout the historically African American school of medicine located in the heart of Watts, a high crime, high poverty inner city neighborhood in Los Angeles, California. “The university was born out of the Watts Rebellion in1965. Following the rebellion, there was both the creation of Charles R. Drew University and the Martin Luther King, Jr., Hospital. The community took this opportunity for transformation that started back in 1965 and pulled in the hospital and university as key institutions to help lead a rebirth for health and education in this community.”  Dr. Keith Norris, M.D.

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Like most doctors and medical professional who tend to our nations’ urban centers, Dr. Norris is very pleased with the recent passage of the health care reform act that was signed into law this past spring. “First of all as a nation, it’s an amazing feat that we were able to get the health care bill through. It’s the first major piece of health care reform in about 50 years. We have a need and a opportunity in this nation to improve the level of prevention, wellness and reduce the amount of premature deaths we see in this nation that should not be occurring in a nation that has the wealth, the resources and the medical achievements and advances that we have.” Dr. Keith Norris, M.D.

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