For Immediate Release         July 27, 2009  


Full Accreditation Awarded for Office of Continuing Medical Education (OCME)

Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science Receives Full Accreditation for Four Years.

Los Angeles, -- The Office of Continuing Medical Education (OCME) for Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science, a unit within the College of Medicine, located at 1731 East 120th Street, Los Angeles, California, announced today that it has received full accreditation of four years by its governing body, the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME).

The 18-month self-study and ACCME re-accreditation process was performed by Kenneth E. Wolf, PhD, Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and CME Director, Edwin L. Cabatit, MBA, CME Program Administrator, Rosie Marie Connor, MPH, Executive Director of Medical Sciences Institute, and Jasmine Eugenio, MD, Chair of the Continuing Medical Education Advisory Board.

Dr. Wolf and Mr. Cabatit represented the University at a face-to-face interview with ACCME surveyors in Chicago, Illinois, last March 6, 2009, to discuss the results of the required Self-study Report that had been submitted last December.

The CME Advisory Committee is comprised of the following individuals: Jasmine Eugenio, MD, Pediatrics, Chair, Advisory Committee; Sebhat Afework, MD, Obstetrics/Gynecology; Shahrzad Bazargan, PhD, Chair, Medical Student Research Thesis Program; Edwin L. Cabatit, MBA, Administrator, Office of CME; Rosie Connor, MPH, Medical Sciences Institute; Ida Jean Davis, PhD, National Minority AIDS Education and Training Center (NMAETC); David Hindman, PhD, Family Medicine; Arnel Joaquin, MD, Geriatrics; Sylvia Merino, MBA, Clinical Simulation; Laurie Richlin, PhD, Faculty Development; Kenneth E. Wolf, PhD, CME Director; and Yan-yuan Wu, PhD, Internal Medicine.

Since its last accreditation four years ago, Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science, Office of Continuing Medical Education conducted 11 regularly scheduled recurring conferences (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly), as well as seven single event courses and three international course events jointly sponsored with The Divisions of Nephrology – Toronto and the National Kidney Foundation. Over 5,000 physicians and 2,400 non-physicians have attended at least one of 422 CDU CME sponsored activities in the last four years.

Under the new ACCME criteria for accreditation, the CDU Office of CME will use local health assessment reports, particularly in the SPA-6 region, as well as national and international data and trends, to plan and implement CME offerings to address health disparities in South Los Angeles and similar communities.

Dr. Kenneth E. Wolf, Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and CME Director stated “this re-accreditation allows the College of Medicine to continue one of its core programs that was identified as a goal in the original state legislation that chartered the University, to provide excellent continuing medical education to our faculty and community physicians.”

“Congratulations to the Office of Continuing Medical Education on this outstanding achievement,” said Richard S. Baker, MD, Dean of the College of Medicine. “Extending the accreditation of our CME program for four more years assures that we will be able to fulfill our mission of providing the highest quality medical education across the continuum of learner from entry level student to practicing physician.”

The mission of the Office of Continuing Medical Education is aligned with that of Charles Drew University, “To conduct education, research and clinical services in the context of community engagement to train health professionals who promote wellness, provide care with excellence and compassion, and transform the health of underserved communities.”

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