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Risk Management


Ergonomics Definition:

Ergonomics refers to the science of creating efficient working environments. More specifically, the purpose of ergonomics is to find the best way to make a job safer and more comfortable for an employee. This is done by designing an employee’s working situation – including their workspace, their tools, their tasks, etc. – to meet their individual needs, capabilities and limitations.

There are several goals to ergonomics in the workplace:

  • Reduce discomfort
  • Reduce stress
  • Eliminate injuries
  • Improve job satisfaction
  • Boost productivity

In California, Ergonomics is under Title 8, Section 5110 of the California Code of Regulations

CDU maintains a guide to Ergonomics available in the Human Resources department or can be downloaded by following the link. http://www.cdrewu.edu/assets/pdfs/Ergonomic%20Information%20Guide.pdf