Office of Faculty Development and Assessment

Office of Faculty Development and Assessment

About Us

The purpose of the Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science’ Office of Faculty Development and Assessment Committee (FDAC) is to facilitate continuous improvements in the academic culture by providing a cross-campus, centralized platform for supporting instructional staff. The office encourages the professional interchange of teaching, research, and assessment ideas, and provides information, expertise, and resources on curricular practices.

Mission: To cultivate distinction in teaching, learning, and assessment through the facilitation of bold curricular practices that promote institutional capacity to prepare diverse health science students for service in underserved communities.

Vision: Cultivation of integrated system-wide approaches to teaching, learning, and academic assessment.

  1. Guiding principles:
    • Provide expert support that empowers and inspires faculty use of high impact instructional strategies.
    • Encourage continuous assessment practices that profile the CDU Advantage.
    • Foster curricular approaches that develop students’ critical thinking, problem-solving, and research skills.
  2. The Office of Faculty Development and Assessment is formulated based upon several premises:
    • Faculty professional development involves cultivating transferable knowledge, skills, and leadership to promote effectiveness in the classroom environments.
    • Faculty Development serves as a support tool to help faculty integrate interdisciplinary knowledge and assessment skills with pedagogical practices that transform student learning experiences.
    • Faculty and student assessment are integral components of the learning experience.
    • Building teaching and learning skills that facilitates deliberate attention to preparing health professionals who can meet the needs of underserved populations is significant to the mission of Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science.
    • The nature of Charles R. Drew University Medicine and Science’s faculty development and assessment programming can enhance student learning, course and college retention, academic outcomes, progress toward timely graduation, and professional success beyond the academic environment.