Introduction to Program Goals

In conjunction with institutional leadership, the PA program at CDU has selected 5 goals and corresponding key performance indicators (KPIs) that support the program mission. The on-going self-assessment closely monitors the KPIs to ensure that they are met, and any revisions to program policies and processes are data-driven. The program’s ongoing self-assessment process includes the collection, management, analysis, and interpretation of a variety of student, personnel, program, and operational data throughout the year to identify areas of strength and weakness, suggest the need for modifications, and formulate action plans to meet program goal benchmarks. Several members of the team collaborate in the on-going self-assessment process as individually assigned or as part of a committee. The program also receives operational and analytical support from the office of the provost and from faculty based in the college of medicine.

Program Mission

The mission of the Charles R. Drew University Physician Assistant program is to prepare a diverse group of uniquely qualified physician assistants who provide excellent medical care with compassion while addressing health disparities, seeking social justice, and improving the health of medically underserved communities.
Clinical Practice medic


Goal 1: Promote diversity and inclusion in the PA profession

Goal 2: Prepare students with the knowledge and skills necessary for entry-level PA practice 

Goal 3: Prepare students who will apply the principles of community engagement, cultural sensitivity, and health equity. 

Goal 4: Prepare students who will practice medicine in medically underserved shortage areas.

Goal 5: Engage students, faculty, and staff in active and ongoing professional leadership, advocacy, research, and scholarly activities.

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