General Education

CDU’s general education requirements align with the Plan B – Breadth guidelines for community college students. CLICK HERE

Courses that satisfy Plan B general education requirements at a California Community College will transfer to CDU and will satisfy your general education requirements for those categories. If you have completed your Plan B – Breadth general education requirements, you will have fully satisfied CDU’s general education requirements. This applies to all undergraduate programs, whether in the College of Science and Health or the College of Nursing.

Guaranteed Admission for Students with ADT’s

Students who have completed an ADT in Biology, Public Health, or Psychology with at least a 2.5 GPA are guaranteed admission to CDU’s Bachelor of Science programs in Biomedical Sciences, Public Health, or Psychology. Students will enroll in the College of Science and Health as upper-division transfer students and can complete their degree with an average of only 60 additional units of coursework.

If you are completing an ADT in another STEM field, you may also qualify for guaranteed admission. For more information, please contact