Maximum Time to Degree Completion

Charles R. Drew University requires students to complete all degree requirements or certificate program requirements within specific time limits in order to be eligible to graduate. Students who do not complete degree or certificate requirements within required time limits, which are based on their degree or certificate level, will be administratively dropped or withdrawn from the University.

The University maximum time frame to completion is 200% of normal time to program completion. However, in order to remain eligible for federal financial aid programs, the maximum time frame for completion is 150% of normal program time to completion. If a student has not successfully completed program requirements within the federal 150% maximum timeframe, they will be permitted to remain enrolled up to the 200% limit; however, the student will not be eligible for financial aid after the 150% maximum time limit has been reached.

These time limits to do not supersede the obligation to maintain satisfactory academic progress throughout the student’s program of study. Time limits for completion of the physician assistant program include 4.5 years maximum for university requirements and 3.5 years maximum to remain eligible for federal financial aid. Please refer to the university catalog for additional information.