Required Technology

All PA Program students are required to possess iPads and should have them at the time of New Student Orientation during the first week of class. Students may borrow an iPad from the program for the duration of their studies at CDU. Smart phones and laptops are required and will be utilized throughout the PA Program.  Developing computer skills is critical to the success of students in the PA Program and in practice. These skills are necessary for timely communication, assignment access and submission, research, and maximization of the overall learning experience.

Though not a requirement for admission, students are expected to possess computer skills in word processing, email and Internet browsing prior to matriculation. Students will need to have Internet access at their residence throughout the PA Program. 

The University supports PC & Apple platforms and is 100% Wi-Fi enabled.  Your PC should have Wi-Fi capacity. 

The CDU Information Systems Team is here to help you! Please visit: