Goals, Objectives and Student Learning Outcomes

Program Goals and Objectives

Goal 1: To acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes of the biomedical sciences, necessary for a career in health professions.

  • Objective 1: Students will successfully complete lecture-based courses in medical biochemistry, genetics, infectious disease and immunology.
  • Objective 2: Students will participate in translational research experiences.

Goal 2: To master oral and written communication skills necessary to convey the results of scholarly work.

  • Objective 1: Students will participate in CEAL and Journal clubs.
  • Objective 2: Students will attend scientific meetings.

Goal 3: To develop competency in Biomedical research.

  • Objective 1 Students will gain skills in collecting organizing, evaluating and analyzing data.
  • Objective 2: Students will complete the research project, write a thesis and publicly defend the research.

Program Student Learning Outcomes (PSLOs)

  1. Synthesize advanced knowledge in biomedicine, bioinformatics and translational sciences.
  2. Evaluate and judge the challenges of health disparities in the community and globally
  3. Develop critical thinking skills for applying scientific knowledge in evaluating scientific literature.
  4. Acquire skills for developing hypotheses, analyzing data, and interpreting and communicating results in the biomedical sciences.
  5. Promote ethical standards for all professional activities in the biomedical sciences and healthcare.