Program Eligibility

Eligible Applicants will be BOTH:

  • A U.S. citizen, non-citizen national, or foreign national possessing

    •  a visa permitting permanent residency in the U.S.
  • A CDU student in good standing who is currently enrolled full-time      in one of the following programs:
    • B.S. in  Biomedical Sciences
    • B.S. in Public Health
    • B.S. in Psychology
    • B.S. in Nutrition Science & Food Systems
              (Only Freshmen or Sophomores from all B.S. programs.)
    • Post-Baccalaureate Certificate
    • M.S. in Biomedical Sciences (1st year only)
    • M.P.H. in Urban Health Disparities (1st year only)
  • Experienced either educational or economic disadvantage.*
  • Not already completed an equivalent or subsequent degree. (BA/BS degree exempt for graduate student applicants.)
  • A demonstrated interest in a health profession (HP) and intention to apply & enroll in HP training program upon degree completion. (Excluding nursing professions; current/future nursing students are NOT eligible.)
  • Current cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above
  • Limited exposure to health-related research & settings and / or limited access to academic and pre-professional resources i.e. tutoring, test prep, career workshops, mentoring, etc.
  • Demonstrated connection or familiarity with medically underserved communities in the Los Angeles area

*Per HRSA– “disadvantaged” applies to individual(s) who experience(s) either: an environment that has inhibited them from obtaining the knowledge, skills, &/or abilities required to enroll in & graduate from a health professions school (Educationally Disadvantaged); OR a “low-income family”, as defined for various health professions programs (included in Titles III, VII & VIII of the Public Health Service Act), as having an annual income that does not exceed 200% of the HHS Department poverty guidelines (Economically Disadvantaged).