The application cycle is closed and will reopen in August 2022.

Instructions For All Applicants:
The CDU HCOP scholar application has 2 parts, ordered & described below. for part a, detailed guides with instructions and checklist are downloadable.
please read all instructions thoroughly before starting any part of the application.


You will have to upload ALL 5 completed documents listed below, BEFORE you can continue to Part B to finish your application.

  •   FAFSA Student Aid Report (SAR)

    • Your Student Aid Report (SAR) is provided upon completing the FAFSA; it should state your estimated financial contribution (EFC). Save or print your SAR & include in submission.
  •   Complete Transcripts (unofficial or Official*)
    • Transcripts should be from the most recent academic institution attended, & must show both your name & the institution’s name in print. PDFs are preferred, but physical copies can be mailed or dropped-off, see submission steps below.
    • *Transfer students must submit OFFICIAL copies of all previous transcripts.
  •   Resume (max length = 1 page)
    • RESUMES should have current & past work experience & extramural activities, each with dates & brief details, going back up to 2 years or 5 jobs. (MAX length = 1 page).
  •   5-Day Schedule (max length = 1 page)
    • Your SCHEDULE should list & briefly detail your regular obligations & expected time commitments in an average 5-day (M-F) week.  
  •   Personal Essay Statement
    • This is an opportunity to tell us more about yourself, and demonstrate your writing ability.  Be sure to clearly & comprehensively answer the following prompt:
    • PROMPT: Explain why you are pursuing a health profession. How will you incorporate your commitment to community in your career goals? Discuss your strengths, weaknesses AND what you have to offer as an HCOP Ambassador. Then explain how you will execute your commitment over a 4-year program.
      • 750 – 1,000 WORDS in TOTAL LENGTH
      • 1.5” SPACED 12 PT. ARIAL / HELVETICA Font
      • 0.75” MARGINS (all sides) ONLY PDF, DOC, OR ODT FILES

PART B: Online Application

via Google Form Once your packet is complete, you will upload each file at the beginning of the online application. There will then be application questions, which collect demographic details, & info about socio-economic experience, educational history, & academic standing. It takes ~30 min. to answer all questions, and it CANNOT be paused or saved.
BEFORE you BEGIN Gather personal & academic records for reference.

ONLY IF at this very moment– you have ALL 5 ISP FILES COMPLETED… Please select the appropriate link below to begin the application form:

For GRADUATE Students Only:  APPLY