BSPH Vision, Mission, Goals, and Values

BSPH Vision: To advance social justice through public health education that addresses health disparities and promotes health equity among historically marginalized communities.

BSPH Mission: To provide social justice-centered public health training with a focus on racially and ethnically diverse students to address health disparities and advance health equity in historically marginalized communities, including South Los Angeles.

BSPH Goals:

  1. Instructional Goal: To provide a  social justice-centered public health education that focuses on structural competency and social determinants of urban health disparities.
  2. Research Goal: To address urban health disparities and advance health equity through research.
  3. Service Goal: To support the development of a community-engaged and social justice-centered public health workforce.

BSPH Values: The BSPH program embraces the following values:

  • Social Justice and Health Equity: We believe that health, wellness, and good quality of life are fundamental rights for all individuals irrespective of socioeconomic status, gender, sex, or racial/ethnic origin.
  • Respect for Cultural Diversity: We recognize and respect the differing beliefs, cultures, and needs of all individuals, and the communities in which they live.
  • Community Responsibility and Service: Community Responsibility and Service: we value enhancing the curriculum through an active partnership between the community, students, and faculty in identifying urban public health issues pertinent to the community and its needs.
  • Excellence, Professionalism, and Integrity: We strive for the highest standard of performance by continually monitoring, assessing, and evaluating the program's goals, outcomes/objectives, public health competencies, and assessment tools. Our faculty and students act ethically by a commitment to standards such as personal integrity, collegiality, and excellence in teaching, scholarship, community service, and practice.