Medical Student Research Thesis Program

Medical Student Research Thesis Program

Program Description

Program Format

Didactic Lecture Series

These lectures are intended to deliver basic principles that form the foundation for scientific investigation and prepare students with fundamentals for development of research project

Mentored Research Practicum

Students must choose a faculty mentor from CDU. They may also choose faculty mentor(s) from other academic institutions; locally, nationally or internationally.  Faculty mentors from other institutions may serve as co-mentors or secondary mentors.  However, students are highly encouraged to seek two types of faculty mentors: a) content mentor who would be a faculty with strong expertise in the area of student’s clinical interest; b) research mentor who would be a faculty with strong research training and experience.

A database listing previous and current faculty mentors and their areas of research interest is available to the students (Contact Program Coordinator).

Program Required Activities:

Attending Research Lecture Series
Developing and implementing a closely mentored, but independent research project.
Submitting research abstract for UCLA Scholarship Day
Presenting (poster or oral) during the annual UCLA Scholarship Day
Presenting during the CDU annual Medical Student Research Colloquium
Submitting a mentored approved Senior Research Thesis

Medical Student Performance Evaluation

Student academic performance is evaluated on Honors/Pass/Fail grading system. Process evaluation will be conducted during the semesters by mentors, program chair, and Research Thesis Committee members based on the quality and timeliness of the assigned activities, as well as outcome evaluations based on the student’s performance on the following:

In-class Exam
UCLA Scholarship Day Poster/Oral presentation
CDU Annual Medical Student Research colloquium presentation
CDU Medical Student Senior Research Thesis

Award System

Medical students who complete this program are recognized at the Hippocratic Oath Ceremony under the “Thesis Program of the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA” for performing creative and scholarly work in conjunction with a faculty mentor. These students also have the opportunity to be recognized as Dean’s Scholar for outstanding thesis. The Medical Student Research Thesis Program Award will also be presented to three graduating seniors who rank among the top 5% of their class. Selection of these students is not only based on the scholarly quality of their research, but these should be students who have been able to use “Thesis” as a tool to advance their knowledge, attitude, and skills for gaining excellence in their academic and clinical efforts.