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In seeking to position itself as a national leader in Graduate Medical Education, the College of Medicine at Charles R. Drew University has embarked upon the establishment of a new geographically distributed model for the clinical training of physicians. This will be accomplished through the expansion of existing partnerships and the addition of new ones that will focus on establishing academic partnerships with local hospitals, physician practices and community clinics that will provide clinical education venues for CDU medical students, physician residents and fellows.

Background and Rationale for Graduate Medical Education

The upcoming health-care reforms, shortages of providers and a growing, aging population combine to create unprecedented demand for primary-care providers throughout the nation. CDU is taking a leadership role with their graduate medical education (GME) program. 

  • The current and projected future shortage of physicians is particularly acute in urban communities that often have unique public health challenges and high proportions of patients without health insurance, such as South Los Angeles.
  • The recruitment and retention of excellent clinician-educators as faculty members of CDU depends in large part upon the University’s ability to offer a stimulating and supportive environment for faculty clinical practice. The existence of GME programs is one of the critical elements in building the clinical environment that offers the type of intellectual stimulation and practice interactions that will be attractive to the best teaching physicians.
  • The existence of GME programs will strengthen the University’s ability to serve the community and assure quality in clinical services.  Research shows that clinical quality and patient outcomes are better in teaching settings than in non-teaching settings.

For these reasons, and consistent with its mission, Charles R. Drew University of Medicine & Science is committed to re-establishing high quality graduate medical education programs as soon as is feasible.


As a foundation for its GME planning efforts, CDU adopted the “guiding principle” that all decisions on the future disposition of its GME programs should be based to the greatest extent possible on supporting the educational best interests of its medical students, residents and fellows. This, in-turn, led to the development of the following vision statement:

In partnership with affiliated hospitals and health systems, we will establish and maintain a robust graduate medical education enterprise of national prominence that supports the University’s mission and serves as the foundation for the education of physicians and other health care professionals who share a passion for and commitment to the care of the underserved and the broader communities in which they reside.

Strategies for Achieving Distinction in GME

  • Fulfillment of the above vision will require the leadership of CDU, as well as its faculty and its community-based clinical partners, to embrace innovation and commit to the highest standards of educational excellence in every aspect of graduate medical education. In seeking to position itself as a national leader in GME, the CDU intends to develop new GME programs that are made distinctive through the following efforts:
    • Design and implementation of an innovative and mission-oriented core curriculum that crosses all university-sponsored GME programs and goes beyond the basics of clinical education by incorporating creative educational content in urban health policy, leadership, cultural competency, critical thinking, and population-based health status, drawing upon and applying principles of public health to the well-being of the community.
    • Development and implementation of a rigorous set of tools for assessing and assuring the clinical competence of all participants in university sponsored GME programs, with particular emphasis on establishing baseline clinical skills assessments at the start of each learner’s GME program, creation of individualized learning
    • Programs for each GME program participant, and creation of ongoing methods for monitoring clinical performance with a goal of continuous improvement and documentation of competence upon completion of training.
    • Development and implementation of a set of initiatives aimed at assuring a continuing connection between each university-sponsored GME program and the broader community served by CDU. Such initiatives could take the form of community-focused projects that utilize the principles of “service learning” to connect medical students, residents and faculty with the community or could also be built around program-specific efforts to address a particular unmet need in the community.

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Graduate Medical Education Staff

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Director, Graduate Medical Education
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Omar Merino
Graduate Medical Education
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Resident Resources & Verifications
Verification of Residency Training

Verification of Residency can be verified in three ways:
Residency verification request can be mailed to: 

Charles R. Drew University of Medicine & Science
GME Office
1731 East 120th Street
Los Angeles, California 90059
You can fax a residency verification request to: (323) 563-5918
You can email a residency verification request to:

Verifications will be completed within one to two weeks of the Graduate Medical Education Office’s receipt of the request.  In order to ensure a faster delivery of verification to our department, please have all verifications faxed or e-mailed directly to the information above.

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Sandra Gonzalez, Ph.D.
Director, Graduate Medical Education


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