Psychiatry Program

This is an important time to consider entering the field of psychiatry. The advances in neuroscience and the need for specialists in behavioral medicine have created a wealth of opportunities for those who choose to do clinical work and research in this discipline. At the same time, our country has been significantly short of the ideal number of psychiatrists to resident ratio that our science suggests results in good mental healthcare even before the life-changing and traumatic changes we have all experienced during this pandemic. 

Within cultures historically hesitant to embrace this area of medicine or communities that are consistently lacking in the resources needed to secure it, lies the opportunity for us to halt a compounding cycle of unmet need. In psychiatry graduate medical education at CDU we have a growing Psychiatry Residency and a Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship in development. With these two programs we aim to connect the underserved to talented and passionate providers to scientific breakthroughs. 

Whether addressing critical cases or making general well-being a more common and achievable goal for all, in the long term, we see a path for our program and its learners to make a positive mark in the field of psychiatry.