Psychiatry Residency Program

Dear Applicant,

This is one of the most exciting times to be entering the field of psychiatry! The advances in our knowledge of neuroscience and the need for more specialists in behavioral medicine have created a wealth of opportunities for those who choose to do clinical work and research in this area. The Charles R. Drew Department of Psychiatry is rapidly expanding and growing to meet the needs of underserved communities in South Los Angeles. Our newly accredited program is well positioned to provide you with an amazing training experience in the middle of the cultural and geographic oasis of Southern California.

Our institution's faculty includes individuals recognized as national and international leaders in psychosocial interventions for those affected by health disparities such as HIV/AIDS, diabetes, chronic kidney disease and domestic violence. CDU staff and faculty have held training grants for programs around the globe including Rwanda, Angola, Jamaica and Belize. Our affiliations include the Los Angeles County Departments of Mental Health and Health Services, as well as the multiple facilities funded by these entities. Our main clinical partner, Kedren Community Health Center, is a dynamic nonprofit hospital with both inpatient and outpatient psychiatric and primary care services. Through this diverse network of partners, our trainees will find boundless opportunities to design and participate in innovative clinical and research electives. Our program's philosophy is to provide a learning experience customized to the needs of our community and our residents. A strength of our small, yet nimble program will be to provide post-graduate trainees with a strong voice in matters pertaining to governance and program development.

I sincerely hope that you consider our program as you choose the next destination for your medical specialty education. We look forward to introducing you to our premier clinical and research institution.