Psychiatry Residency

This is an exciting time to be entering the field of psychiatry! The advances in neuroscience and the need for more specialists in behavioral medicine have created a wealth of opportunities for those who choose to do clinical work and research in this discipline. Conversely, our country is significantly short of the ideal number of psychiatrists to resident ratio that our science suggests results in good mental healthcare. Within communities historically hesitant to embrace this area of medicine or consistently lacking in the resources needed to secure it, lies the opportunity for us to halt a compounding cycle of unmet need. We aim to connect the underserved with these scientific breakthroughs covering issues ranging from general to critical well-being.

Our program's philosophy is to provide a learning experience customized to the needs of our community and our residents. We equip talented and passionate young psychiatrists with the tools and opportunities to shine their star on underserved communities, in doing so levelling the disparities in where psychiatrists work and to whom they tend. Our distributed program provides our residents exposure to a uniquely diverse group of patients while training in traditional and nontraditional environments. A strength of our program being small, yet nimble, is that it provides post-graduate trainees with a strong voice in matters pertaining to governance and program development. And, all of this unequalled training experience unfolds throughout the most significant city in the cultural and geographic oasis of Southern California.

CDU staff and faculty includes individuals recognized as national and international leaders in psychosocial interventions for those affected by health disparities such as HIV/AIDS, diabetes, chronic kidney disease and domestic violence. They have held training grants for programs around the globe including Rwanda, Angola, Jamaica and Belize. Our affiliations include the Los Angeles County Departments of Mental Health and Health Services and the multiple facilities funded by these entities. Our main clinical partner, Kedren Community Health Center, is a dynamic nonprofit hospital with both inpatient and outpatient psychiatric and primary care services. Through this diverse network of partners, our trainees will find boundless opportunities to design and participate in innovative clinical and research electives.

We hope that wherever you ultimately apply and match, you will find the right fit for your skills, education and goals and, like CDU, become an impactful and meaningful part of our country’s mental health solution.