CDU Office of CME

CDU Office of CME


The FAQs for CME learners and prospective CME applicants are updated regularly.  If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact the CME Office at: 323.563.9349 or via e-mail at:


When will I receive my CME certificate?

As a physician in the state of California, what are my CME requirements?

What type of CME credit do physicians need?

What is the difference between AMA Category 1 and Category 2 credit?

What happens if I cannot attend a CME activity for the entire time?

Do I need to complete an application to receive CME credit?

Who is eligible to receive AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™ ?

What if I forgot to complete an application to receive CME credit?

There was an error with my certificate. How can I get it fixed?

If I am speaking/presenting, can I receive credit?

How do I find out about future CME events?

I am not a physician. Can I still receive CME credit?

I am in need of extra CME credits how can I go about getting them?

Prospective CME Applicants

What type of content is eligible for CME?

When do I contact the Office of CME to begin planning a CME program?

What are initial steps to begin planning a CME activity?

Can I advertise credit for my program prior to approval of my application?

Who needs to disclose personal financial relationships?

What is considered a commercial interest?

What is meant by a relevant financial relationship, which must be disclosed?

Does a CME staff member need to attend the course?


What is CME?

What does AMA “PRA” stand for?

Who is the ACCME?

What is the ACCME’s relationship to the AMA?

What is the difference between direct providership and joint providership?