Policies and Support Documentation

This section lists all policies and support documentation in order of LCME Standards for the M.D. Program at the CDU College of Medicine. Every effort is made to ensure all policies are current and accurate. For more information or questions related to the currently posted policies and support documentation, please contact Dakota McMahand-Owens, Director, Continuous Quality Improvement & Accreditation at dakotamcmahand@cdrewu.edu.

Standard 1: Mission, Planning, Organization, and Integrity

Standard 2: Leadership and Administration

Standard 3: Academic and Learning Environment

Standard 4: Faculty Preparation, Productivity, Participation, and Policies

Standard 5: Educational Resources and Infrastructure

Standard 6: Competencies, Curricular Objectives, and Curricular Design

Standard 7: Curricular Content

Standard 8: Curricular Management, Evaluation and Enhancement

Standard 9: Teaching, Supervision, Assessment, and Student and Patient Safety