Student Reporting

  • Learning Environment Report: Non-Sexual Harassment or Non-Discrimination - Submit a named or anonymous, confidential Learning Environment/Student Mistreatment Report  via the CDU 4-Year MD Program’s web-based system: Click Here
    • Submitted reports will be routed by the COM Office of CQI and Accreditation to the appropriate official for investigation. Reports that are named will receive a follow-up correspondent from the appropriate college official.
  • General Suggestion Box: Submit a named or anonymous general suggestion online at: Click Here
  • Possible Sexual Harassment or Possible Discrimination - Individuals may submit reports, including anonymous reports, through Convercent®, the university’s 24-hour independent hotline provider, by telephone at 1-800-461-9330, or by submitting information online at: Click Here
    • You can also contact the university's Chief Compliance Officer, EEO/Title IX & Diversity Officer:

To learn more, please click here to review CDU Policy 313.5b Student Mistreatment and Learning Environment Policy

Student Mistreatment