HEERF Fund Distribution at CDU 2022

CARES Act Grant

Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science has been awarded federal funding through the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF). One part of this federal program allocates money to the university and a portion of that allocation can be awarded to students who are experiencing unforeseen financial difficulties. Approximately 50% of this funding has been allocated by the Department of Education to assist enrolled students who are experiencing financial hardships due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. These emergency funds are limited and priority will be given to undergraduate students who have demonstrated financial need. Funding is not guaranteed.

Who is eligible to apply for a Federal CARES Act Grant?
All enrolled students are eligible to apply for a CARES Act Grant.

What are the basic eligibility requirements for the Federal CARES Act Grant?
Below is a listing of basic eligibility requirements. Please note that additional requirements may be required dependent on the students situation.

  • Enrolled for the given term in which you are applying
  • Demonstrated financial need
  • Have completed the financial aid verification process, if selected
  • Meet Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements

How do I apply for the Federal CARES Act Grant?
Please visit the following link to complete the CDU Federal CARES Act Grant application. 

How will funding be determined/calculated for eligible students?
The funds awarded to CDU were based off of two factors. The first factor allocates funds based on CDU’s full-time equivalent (FTE) undergraduate Pell Grant recipient enrollment (75% of awarded funds). The second factor allocates funds based on full-time equivalent (FTE) for undergraduate and graduate students who are not Pell Grant eligible (25% of awarded funds).
These same factors will also be utilized to determine eligibility for CDU students. Grants will be tiered based off of students class level (undergraduate/graduate), EFC (Expected Family Contribution) and enrollment status (full time, three-quarter time, etc.). With the following presented, priority and maximum funding will be awarded to full time, undergraduate students who have demonstrated financial need.

Will my financial aid be impacted? Do I have to repay the Federal CARES Act Grant?
Your financial aid will not be impacted by this emergency grant. Typically, repayment of the grant is not required as the funds are designed to be a grant, not a loan.

Once approved, how will I receive the funding?
Checks will be issued by the Finance Office for all students who are eligible and qualify for funding. The approval and check issuance process will take approximately 2-3 weeks. Checks will be issued to the mailing address on file with CDU.

NEWS: CDU Distributes CARES Act Funds to Students

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