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CAYUSE IS HERE! The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) under the leadership of the Office of Research and Health Affairs, Dr. Jay Vadgama and the Office of Strategic Advancement (OSA) is pleased to share with the university community the implementation of the technology partnership with Cayuse which includes the cloud-based application: Cayuse Sponsored Projects (SP) and Cayuse System-to-System (Cayuse S2S), better known as the Cayuse Research Suite.

About Cayuse SP
Cayuse SP provides pre-award and non-financial post award sponsored projects administration. It is designed to do away with the university’s manual process. It will serve as the university’s repository for institutional proposals and award data, and will house CDU legacy data. The extensive data repository will allow investigators, and their administrative staff to submit proposals to non-federal opportunities, and create reports on pending proposals and awards. Department Chairs, Deans, and other administrators will be able to approve assurances once found on the university RPAS, view and approve submissions to sponsors, before they reach the Office of Sponsored Programs for final approval.

More features: 

  • Proposal preparation and submission via (S2S), including forms support and a single point of data entry​
  • Proposal preparation and submission to non-federal agencies, including forms support and a single point of data entry
  • Award creation, including a seamless data transfer from pre- to post-award (non-financial)​
  • Post-award change(s) workflow, including progress reports, just-in-time (JIT) requests, best and final, revised budgets, and sub-awards
  • Award closeout, including submission and upload of final closeout reports ​

About Cayuse S2S
Recognized nationwide by researchers and administrative staff as a time saver, easy to use, user-friendly interface, Cayuse S2S has more than 98% of funding opportunities available. We expect that faculty and staff will submit ALL federal submissions through CAYUSE S2S.


  • Web application created specifically to simplify the creation, review, approval, and electronic submission of proposal applications
  • Designed for administrators and/or researchers to use for the preparation of federal proposals
  • Users can view, edit, and collaborate on proposals in any stage of development
  • Fringe rates, indirect costs rates are "baked" into the forms, which is time-saving and accurate
  • Reduces proposal preparation time

NoteAll federal and non-federal applications must be submitted to OSP for review through Cayuse Sponsored Projects (Cayuse SP).

More information will be provided regarding training and user access shortly.